Lake Wales Litigation Attorney (Foreclosures, Real Estate, Commercial and Probate)

My litigation practice focuses on real estate, commercial, and probate issues.  Real estate litigation often involves issues such as evictions, foreclosures, boundary disputes, and title problems.  Commercial litigation most often, but not always, involves a breach of a contract and the collection of a debt.  Many commercial disputes are resolved by artful settlement strategies and mediation before a court hearing is necessary.  Probate litigation involves various issues that become contested in probate and guardianship cases, such as the validity of the will or the appointment of a guardian.

Most often when we think of “litigation”, we picture a court room drama such as Law and Order or attorneys advertisements touting big verdicts.  These shows and ads are usually related to criminal law or personal injury matters.  I do not practice either of these areas of law.  Rather than seeking convictions or big verdicts, my litigation practice concentrates on resolving disputes, such as those mentioned above, by settlement, thus avoiding our winner take all trial system.  Rather than promising total victory, I strive to find a solution that is acceptable to my client.  Often times, this is done prior to any trial.  A negotiated settlement before trial can save you, the client, the stress and cost of extended litigation.  If a negotiated settlement is not reached, I can and will take your case all the way to trial.  I have 25 years of courtroom experience.

My primary concern is to make the process of litigation less frightening and more understandable to the client. I can represent you whether you are the plaintiff or the defendant.  I may also be able to assist you with other areas of litigation.  If, after a consultation, I determine that you have a case in which I cannot represent you, I can coordinate with a local attorney that I feel confident can help you.  Please call my office at 863-2332-5200 and schedule an appointment for a consultation to discuss your potential case.